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Asada, Latin American Fusion Cuisine

Exclusive Photography: FishEye Studios, Greenville, SC

Gina Petti and Roberto Cortez infused their passion for food and culture into a deliciously thriving restaurant right here in the Upstate.

“It started almost as an accident.”
Roberto reveals, “We always love to cook for friends and family.”

Tuesday-Wednesday 11:30am-3pm
Thursday-Saturday 11:30am-9pm

903 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29609


The couple started out catering various events in an old pickup truck while preparing meals in a tent. People repeatedly began to ask where their restaurant was. “We realized we were on to something. The next step was Lola which was a total success. It was the first food truck in Greenville.” From there Asada was born.

Roberto, Nicaraguan, has a degree in Industrial Design and Fine Arts. Gina, half Japanese and Italian, holds a Clinical Psychology degree. Prior to Greenville, their love affair with food started when they met in San Francisco. Combining their different backgrounds and talents makes them the quintessential modern day power couple. Asada style.

Roberto granting wishes and making magic happen.</p>
Japanese style Karaage taco

One of their more popular tacos, the Japanese style Karaage taco, is also the most mispronounced. Gina said laughing, “People say the garage taco, the kangaroo taco. It’s a hard word to say.” Don’t worry OTGG fam, we got you: KAH-rah-AH-ge.

While you’re diving head first into that juicy and perfectly marinated Nicaraguan churrasco, be sure to shovel a little bit of the Escabeche salad onto that fork of yours. Talk about a perfect bite.

Treat yourself to a crisp Nicaraguan beer…

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